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History of Porta Potty Rental Services

It doesn’t matter where you are when it happens, but when Mother Nature calls, you need to answer. While our distant ancestors may have been content with a convenient tree or bush, as civilization and history progressed how to take care of one of our most basic needs also grew more sophisticated. As we got used to using even the most basic type of latrine, our awareness for better disposal of waste grew: even when on the go. Thus the need for a porta potty came about. History’s first documentable “porta potty” was found in an Egyptian tomb dating to about the middle of the fourteenth century BCE. Appropriately enough, he was the senior official of the Theban worker community. This ancient history’s take on the porta potty idea might not have been very sophisticated — a stool with a hole in the seat and a clay pot underneath — but it got the job done, just like today’s porta potties. Throughout most of history the humble chamber pot with only minor variations like the Egyptian style was the only option as a porta potty solution.

As history moved forward and more modern methods of permanent facilities improved, the demand for similarly more sanitary porta potty style convenience understandably increased. Trial and error through history has shown that digging a pit for a cesspool or outhouse allows for more strategic placement when outside, but it isn’t especially portable or clean. Even tossing a bit of lye down into the pit to reduce the smell was history’s only solution for centuries and having to rely on this kind of facility quite simply stinks. It really wasn’t until the invention of the modern chemical based portable restroom that came along in the 1960s that these demands for a porta potty could finally, really be met for the first time in history.

So much better than the old outhouse of relatively recent history, the molded plastic porta potties of today are easy to maintain and place where they’re needed most. To find porta potties when out with the family or porta potty rentals at construction sites and large events like concerts, state fairs, or festivals is a relief for anyone feeling that urge when permanent options just aren’t available. Some things will always be the same, no matter how much time and history moves by, we are going to need porta potties at some time or other!

Moving into the twenty-first century, we’ve come a long way from ancient history’s solution of a stool over a pot. Whether you call them porta potties, porta johns, or chemical toilets, modern portable bathrooms are cleaner, more sanitary, and more convenient than ever before and with more options than ever to choose from, unlike past history’s crude solutions. While most are familiar with recent history’s single occupant stand-alone porta potty, more and more porta potty rental companies also have even more options available. For highly mobile groups, whether they are road workers or golf tournament spectators, trailer mounted porta potty rentals can keep up with the crowd as it travels. Something else history didn’t have: larger bathroom trailers or luxury Flushing Restroom Trailers can even allow more than one person to use it at once and even sinks for washing hands and mirrors to make sure you look as great as when you left home. You won’t find that option in other porta potties of past history! The porta potty has definitely come a long, long way through history.