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Evolution of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets aren’t what they used to be; that’s for sure!

When people think of portable toilets, the images that come to mind are typically negative. Most people think of portable toilets as something you see at a construction site, or a last resort at an outdoor event in Allen, Texas. But portable toilet services have evolved tremendously over the years.

When it comes to portable toilets, your only option is no longer the small, plastic fortress with just enough space to turn around. At A-1 Little John, we have a wide variety of options available when it comes to portable toilet rentals. We offer high-rise units, units on trailers, 250-gallon holding tanks, and even an entire restroom on wheels!

Trailer units are portable toilets that can be easily moved as needed. They are perfect for golf tournaments, road construction or agricultural fields.

High-rise units are ideal for multi-story buildings that are under construction. Rather than workers having to return to the ground level to relieve themselves, they can use the restroom on the same floor that they are working on, which increases productivity while also reducing labor costs. These units can be positioned by crane, and are specially designed to fit into freight elevators, as well as through narrow hallways and doors.

Flushing Restroom Trailers are fully equipped restrooms on wheels. They offer separate mens’ and women’s sides, and feature running water, hand soap, paper towels, waste baskets and air conditioning / heat. Flushing Restroom Trailers are perfect for upscale social gatherings, weddings, corporate events or other functions.

Of course, we also offer standard portable toilets that defy the stereotypes. They are always clean and never used on construction sites, so they won’t appear beat up on the exterior. We also offer hand washing stations that can be rented separately.

A-1 Little John is proud to offer our services across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Allen, Texas or Durant, Oklahoma; we provide portable toilet service within a 75-mile radius of Sherman, Texas. Give us a call today at 1-800-786-1725 for a quote; no event is too large or too small.