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How to make your big event more convenient for your visitors by using Portable Toilets?

Organizing an event or a function that attracts large gathering of people is always a challenge. Right from inviting the guests to logistics to ensuring their smooth visit, there are a lot of areas that need our attention. One area that definitely needs to be addressed is creating a facility for the guests to answer to nature’s call. An Innovation that has become commonplace is to hire Portable Toilets.

Portable Toilets are simple portable enclosures containing a chemical toilet. These toilets are placed near events or construction sites. Portable Toilets are having walls made from RCC or light weight molded plastic. There is a septic Tank at the bottom in which the waste is collected. After regular interval of time, the Portable toilets are cleaned, drained, disinfected and deodorized.

Use of Chemical as a deodorizer in the holding tank is common to reduce the odor. The chemical usually interferes with bacteria releasing odorous gas while breaking down waste. Sometimes enzymes are also used which directly interacts with waste. They are less effective in dealing with odors as compared to Chemicals based solution.

Portable toilets in Texas are available from A1LittleJohn which provides portable toilet services in areas such as Dallas, Oklahoma. Some of the different variations of Portable toilet that A1LittleJohn provides are Construction Units, Flushing Restroom Trailer, High Rise Units, Handwash stations, special events, trailer units, Holding Tanks.

Safeguards that one should choose while hiring one of these firms is to check if they have well defined processes to manage portable toilets, availability of trained service personnel, availability of modern equipment.

Also, Portable Toilets should comply with various standards set by the Standard Agency. ADA Compliance is one such compliance which should be followed by the firm. Special care should be taken about the cleanliness, odor reduction as well as availability of water in a tank.

Other Paraphernalia such as hand sanitizer dispensers, soap and towel may be provided to the event by the Dealer. Other items that can include in a Portable Toilets are Running Water, Mirros, Lightning and even Air Conditioning in some cases.

Portable Toilets are usually made available at construction sites, camp sites, music festivals etc. Portable Toilets can come in Trailers which can have facility to arrange more than one toilet on the trailers. Also, Luxury Portable Toilets has conventional domestic plumbing fixture, with portacabin like structure.


A1 Little John provides Portable Toilet services including speciality equipment such as Luxury trailers, high rise units and trailer mounted units. If you are in need of our services for an upcoming job or event, please do feel free to call us at 800-786-1725 or visit our website at