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Ambrose, Texas

AMBROSE, TEXAS. Ambrose is on Highway 69 six miles southeast of Denison in the far northeastern corner of Grayson County. It is near the site of Old Warren, which is just across the Fannin county line. Ambrose was named after Ambrose Bible, who came to Texas from eastern Tennessee in 1883. He bought land from S. E. Elliott out of the Daniel Montague survey dated February 20, 1845, and settled in the old Fannin County, out of which Grayson County was formed in 1846. The Denison, Bonham and New Orleans Railway Company bought right-of-way from J. P. N. Haun and Ambrose Bible on March 3, 1887, to run a spur from the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad in Denison. The company’s first attempt failed.

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