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Callisburg, Texas

Callisburg is eleven miles northeast of Gainesville in eastern Cooke County. The town was near the Butterfield Overland Mail route and on the Mormon Trail. The community was named for blacksmith Samuel Loranzus Callis, the first settler in the area, who drilled a water well for the public. Callis was appointed the settlement’s first postmaster in 1873 when a post office was established in Billy Rousseau’s dry-goods and grocery store. Then years later, Callisburg reported a population of 300, a school, and some twenty businesses, including a steam gristmill-cotton gin. By 1902, Callisburg’s population had declined to about 110, and its post office had closed. At this time, Callisburg experienced a brief boom when residents thought an electric rail line was to be built between Gainesville and Sherman and Callisburg was to be used as the headquarters for this line, but the project never developed and the boom was over by 1905.

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