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Corinth, Texas

Corinth is located on both the east and west side of I-35E, a very key Texas north/south corridor, and encompasses eight square miles of vibrant growth. Corinth is just north of Lake Lewisville and south of the city of Denton, Texas. Corinth represents a desirable blend of pleasant residential areas within easy access of quality commercial businesses and light industry, excellent educational institutions and medical facilities, airports, major professional sports events, shopping centers and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Some characterize Corinth as a “City in the Country” with its hometown atmosphere and proximity to beautiful stables and ranches in the surrounding area.

Corinth was incorporated in 1960 with a landmass of two square miles and a population of slightly over 200. In 1970, the population had increased to only 461 and continued to lay dormant until 1990 when the population explosion began. Census figures for 1990 showed a population of 3,900. A subsequent analysis in February 2002 revealed a population approaching 16,000 making Corinth one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. This population increase of 410% over the preceding 12 years, or an average of over 34% per year, means two new families move into our City per day. Currently, the population in 2009 is estimated at 19,852. Our families reside in 45 subdivisions with homes ranging in price from $90,000 to more than $500,000. The average home is valued at nearly $172,374 and the current city tax rate is $.57698 per $100 evaluation.

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