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Highland Village

Highland Village, Texas

Highland Village was incorporated in February 1963 after approximately 100 lakeside residents decided to make their homes permanent. Many of the early residents were professionals from the Dallas area who wanted to “get away” for the weekend and enjoyed it so much they moved to what became Highland Village. Much of the early development was located in the northern most part of the City along the shores of Lake Lewisville (also our northern boundary line). Ranch land owned by Robert DuVall, the first mayor of Highland Village, comprised the remainder of the City at that time. Doubletree Ranch is located on part of the original ranch land. It is said, many years ago, this area was a popular hideout for Sam Bass, a notorious highwayman who liked the privacy of the many trees and hills.

A book, A History and Heritage of Highland Village, detailing the early life in Highland Village was written and published by the Highland Village Historical Committee. Copies of the book are for sale at the Municipal Complex.

Between 1975-1985, the City grew from approximately 1,000 to 5,000 and became a Home Rule City in 1986. Approximate population today is 15,850. Population at build-out is expected to be approximately 18,000.

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