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Lake Bonham Area

Lake Bonham Area, Texas

Bonham, one of the oldest towns in Texas, was settled in 1837 when Bailey Inglish built a two-story log fort, Fort Inglish, about a mile east of the present square. Inglish was joined by John P. Simpson, Mabel Gilbert, and other settlers in the summer of 1837. The community was called Bois D’Arc until 1843 when the name “Bloomington” was first requested in the Texas Congress. The name “Bonham” won over Bloomington in honor of James Butler Bonham, hero of the Alamo. Constantine Lodge No. 13, the fifth oldest Masonic lodge in Texas, was chartered in Bonham on February 2, 1840. Between 1843 and 1845 the county records from Fort Warren and the post office from Fort Inglish were moved to Bonham and the town was incorporated on February 2, 1848.

Although no major battles were fought in the area, for the Confederates, Bonham was still an important center for the war effort. Bonham became the headquarters for General Henry McCullough, who was appointed Commander of the Northern Subdistrict of Texas. A Confederate Commissary supplied clothing, blankets, harnesses, saddles, and food rations for the soldiers of at least seven different brigades.

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