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Mead, Oklahoma

Located in Bryan County, Mead lies adjacent to U.S. Highway 70, approximately six miles west of Durant. In 1866 a band of Creek, who were being provisioned by the federal government, camped one mile southwest of present Mead. West of their location existed two large springs that they selected as a camp meeting grounds. Many Presbyterian missionaries held services there, including Allen Wright, Stephens Peter, J. Frank Wright (son of Allen), and Dixon Durant. Durant would preach in Choctaw and English, serving a mixed audience of Choctaws and non-Indians.

Soon, A. J. Lucy arrived in the area and opened a store, naming the village Double Springs. As the number of residents increased, they built a church, which also held a school. C. W. Guew began a subscription school, charging white children one dollar per month and allowing American Indian children to attend for free. In 1890 C. W. Meade moved to Double Springs, established a store, and became the first postmaster. In 1894 the name changed to Meade, and later dropped the final “e.”

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