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The Colony

The Colony, Texas

Peters Colony was the common name of the first and most successful empresario contract authorized by the legislature of the Republic of Texas to promote settlement. The legislation authorized the Republic to enter into a contract with William S. Peters and nineteen associates to promote settlement in North Texas and paid the company with free land in exchange for recruiting new settlers. The contract, which was in effect from 1841 until June 30, 1848, obligated the company to recruit new settlers, survey over 16,000 square miles of land, and issue land titles to the settlers. The boundaries of the contract included all or parts of twenty-six North Texas counties from McKinney to Throckmorton and from the Red River to Granbury. This included The Colony and most of the DFW metroplex. The land within the contract boundaries was referred to as “the colony.”

The contract authorized The Texas Emigration and Land Company of Louisville, Kentucky (the legal name of Peters Colony), to give up to 640 acres of free land to new immigrants in exchange for building a cabin, cultivating 15 acres of the land, and pledging allegiance to the Republic of Texas. In payment for its services, Peters Colony received over one million acres of what were called “premium lands” located in the western portion of “the colony.”

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