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Porta Potties for Private Parties

If you are planning a party, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. Whether it’s an office party, backyard event, or something else entirely, you want every detail to be perfect. Often, restroom facilities are one of the last things you think about. But think with us for a minute — say you live on the lake and are having 200 people over to your house this weekend. Your house has 2 bathrooms. Yeah, you can do the math. Not only that, not everyone wants their guests wondering through their house looking for a restroom.

Enter the portable toilet. Now, your guests can use an outdoor porta potty, thus eliminating their need to use your indoor restroom. Problem solved. And, if it’s an upscale party you’re planning, A1 Little John has got you covered! The porta potties we offer aren’t just those beat-up units you’re used to seeing at construction sites. We have several options available, including full portable restroom units with sinks, paper towels, the whole nine yards. These comfort stations are ideal for high-end private or work-related parties, and we can deliver them to you in no time flat! We service a 75-mile radius of Sherman, Texas, which includes the Dallas / Fort Worth MetroPlex and Southern Oklahoma, as well as cities like Durant, Gainesville, Denison, and more.