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Portable Toilets for 5K Runs

When you’re planning an event, especially a charity fundraiser such as a 5k or 10k run, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details, as you try to pull things together in time. Sometimes, in the process of planning your event, small details that make a huge difference get overlooked. Unfortunately, one of these details that often gets overlooked is making sure you have adequate restroom facilities. And if you’re planning an outdoor 5k, portable toilets are pretty much your only option, unless you have a local business along the route that’s willing to open their bathrooms to a bunch of sweaty runners. Yeah, probably not going to happen.

That’s where A1 Little John. If you’re planning a 5k in McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, or another city within our North Texas service radius, we’re the simple and easy solution to all of your port a potty needs! You’re runners will likely be tired after they finish their run, especially with all the water they’ll be drinking. Don’t make them run to find a restroom; make sure you have plenty of portable toilet facilities set up at the finish line! This will also come in handy for spectators or volunteers/staff who are working the event. Our facilities are clean, sanitary, and don’t look beat up because we don’t lease construction units to 5k organizers. We also have units on trailers. That’s right — portable bathrooms that can be moved around along the route if needed. Give us a call today to discuss your mobile restroom needs!