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Ups and Downs of Good Customer Service

Every single day, when someone comes to us to rent portable restrooms, our goal is always to provide not just good customer service but the absolute best customer service possible. Every. Single. Day.

What does good customer service mean, though? Good customer service means that every piece of equipment we carry, from the fanciest luxury Flushing Restroom Trailer to the most basic port a john on a local construction site is maintained and serviced with the exact same attention to detail that we would put into our own bathroom at home. Good customer service means all our rentals that are currently out are maintained on schedule to make sure they stay just as nice to use as on the day they were first delivered. Good customer service is what we would want if we were the customer.

The upside to our high standards of what we consider good customer service is that we can easily take personal pride in our excellent customer service and it makes our customers much more likely to return when they need to rent portable toilets again. It also gives us a great deal of satisfaction knowing that by giving our clients the best possible customer service, it helps to make their endeavors more successful: whether it is a construction site, a wedding at a special but out of the way location, or a huge music festival.

The downside to providing such good customer service, people are far more likely to remember the highlights of their day rather than where they had to stop for a potty break over the course of it. Our portable bathrooms will be all but unnoticed: the unsung heroes of a long day away from home. As much as we would love to have accolades sung in our honor about our customer service and doing a dirty job most people would rather not think much about, if people are thinking about it then we’re not doing our job right, even when we’d love them to think of nothing but our good customer service. We have to be content instead with the look of relief on the faces of people when they step out of our rental bathrooms, knowing that we aren’t the only ones happy with a job well done. Others might not recognize that as the look of good customer service, but we know happy customers when we see them.